What is a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontics is a specialty recognized by the American Dental Association focusing on the diagnosis, treatment planning and restoration of unaesthetic, missing or severely damaged teeth. Prosthodontists go through rigorous training in materials, techniques and technologies and can help you understand all of the different options available to you. Prosthodontists are general dentists who have pursued specialized training. They work closely with general dentists, as well as other dental specialists (oral surgeons, periodontists, endodontists and orthodontists) to make sure that all treatment you receive is done by the most qualified and experienced providers available.  So whether you need routine dental care, have a single discolored tooth, or need more extensive dental work, Mountain Springs Advanced Dental is here to help optimize your smile.

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Services We Offer

General Dentistry

General Dentistry

Receiving cleanings with regularity, at least twice per year, can help prevent cavities, stop tooth loss, brighten your smile, freshen your breath, boost your overall health, and save money in the long run.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry and prosthetic dentistry services typically fall into three categories: fixed (crown, bridge, inlay/onlay and veneer), removable (partial and full dentures), or a combination of the two. Dental implants can be integrated into any treatment that involves missing teeth with either fixed or removable options.

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Treatment Planning

It's all about you.

At Mountain Springs Advanced Dental we strive to offer a solution to every dental need, whether that be in the field of general, cosmetic or restoration density. At your first appointment with us, you can expect to be given our full attention while we take careful note of your preferences regarding treatment.

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Dental Hygiene

Your mouth needs attention.

At Mountain Springs Advanced Dental, we strive to provide thorough, customized solutions for all aspects of your dental health, from cosmetic bonding to veneers to dental implants. One of the most important aspects of your dental health is routine cleanings.

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Advanced Dental


Here at Mountain Springs Advanced Dental we are more than just a general dental office. In addition to providing the best in routine hygiene and general dental care, we offer so much more to our patients, such as same-day crowns, and Invisalign. Dr. Patterson is a board certified prosthodontist. We also have our own in-house dental laboratory where we make many of our own crowns, bridges and other dental restorations and appliances. We are always looking for more and better services to provide to our patients.

This was my second visit Mountain Springs Advanced Dental and the atmosphere and the care was superb, as it was with the first visit. The visits were for a detailed examination, and the development of a comprehensive care plan. The entire team was genuinely friendly, introducing themselves immediately and explaining all processes and procedures. Dr. Patterson spent ~45 minute discussing his finding with me and my husband, explaining all my options clearly, to include potential cost of those options. The lack of pressure regarding my option selection was very refreshing. I left the office after making my decision feeling confident that the care I would receive would be 1st class. I would (and will) highly recommend Dr. Patterson and Mountain Springs Advanced Dental for both basic and complex dental procedures.

Linda - Google

Dr. Patterson and team consistently provide the highest level of care and compassion to me and my family. I have been a patient of Dr. Patterson since he began his CO Springs private practice in 2012. I have two annual routine visits and whatever needs dealing with in between. I have always had positive experiences and regularly recommend Dr. Patterson to anyone who may be looking for an outstanding dentist and for sure if they are in need of specialized dental procedures. The team and Hygienists are fabulous too! Thank you Dr. Patterson for your Service to our Country and for being a wonderful dentist.

Dani - Google

Still sitting outside the office and I couldn’t bare to drive away without making sure I review this amazing experience! Taryn was hands down the most absolutely amazing dental hygienist that I have ever had the pleasure to complete this procedure. She was incredibly knowledgeable, easy to talk to, patient, caring, so incredible at her job that right away I decided to schedule and appointment for my daughter and my fiance. Dr. Patterson has always been a delight and I trust his care completely. My mother was the first person to come to this office and I am so happy she’s referred us. We are all now looking at a future of wonderful dental health. April at the front desk was also wonderful getting everything approved through our insurance! Over all, there is not a single thing I would change in this office. Thank you all so much for all the hard work you put in!!

Adriana- Google

Working with Dr. Patterson had to have been my most enjoyable dental experience to date. I came to Dr. Patterson looking to have some cosmetic work done to correct my diastema. From the moment you walk into the office you are greeted by the friendliest front office team, and the consultation with Dr. Patterson went very smoothly. They were able to work with my insurance, and for the first time in my life, I have the smile that I have always dreamed of. Thank you for the amazing work!

Samantha - Google