Sleeping with a Night Mouth Guard - Mouth Guard for Grinding
Posted by | September 3, 2020
Understanding Night Mouth Guards & How To Protect Your Teeth From Grinding While You Sleep

“I wake up with jaw pain and my teeth feel sore, what could this be?” “My tooth cracked when I woke up this morning, but I don’t have a cavity,...

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Mouth Guards & Sports - From A Colorado Springs Dentist
Posted by | August 27, 2020
Mouth Guards and Sports

Teeth are very important. They give you the confidence to smile and speak. They allow you to eat and gain the appropriate nutrients needed to live and be healthy. Teeth...

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Go To Visit A Dentist in Colorado Springs
Posted by | August 19, 2020
How Often Should I Go To The Dentist

Going to the dentist is never someone’s favorite thing. Many of our patients come in to see us at different intervals. How often you go to the dentist can be...

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Dental Insurance Colorado Springs
Posted by | June 16, 2020
Patients, Providers and Insurance…. Oh My

Are you in-network with my insurance? We hear this question daily. While it is a very important question to ask there is so much more to your insurance then us...

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What To Do When You Lose A Tooth - Colorado Springs Dentist
Posted by | May 26, 2020
I Am Missing A Tooth … What Do I Do?

I Am Missing A Tooth ... What Do I Do? When you find yourself with a missing tooth (or in a situation where you are going to lose a permanent...

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What A Local Colorado Springs Dental Office Looks Like After COVID-19
Posted by | May 22, 2020
New PPE Protocol at Mountain Springs Advanced Dental in Colorado Springs Due to COVID 19

New PPE Protocol at Mountain Springs Advanced Dental in Colorado Springs Due to COVID 19 As states start to open up to entertainment, shopping, and more we see a “new”...

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COVID Closures Lifted From Colorado Springs Dental Office
Posted by | April 30, 2020
Reopening Mountain Springs Advanced Dental

May 4th Reopening to Limited Services Mountain Springs Advanced Dental patients and families, Thank you for trusting us with your dental needs. We have always used standard best practices for...

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Eliminate plaque & mouth bacteria - local Colorado Springs, CO dentist
Posted by | April 27, 2020
It’s All About The Numbers!

Its All About The Numbers For Bacteria In Your Mouth! Did you know there are a billion bacteria in 1 cubic millimeter? Plaque, also known as biofilm, IS bacteria! Now, think...

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Maintain Routine During Uncertain Times - Dental Office in Colorado Springs
Posted by | April 23, 2020
Staying Happy, Healthy & Positive During Hard Times

How have I stayed positive during these hard times? During this time of uncertainty staying informed is very beneficial but it does have some downsides. You can easily become so wrapped...

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Keep Your Teeth Healthy Without Your Colorado Springs Dentist
Posted by | April 10, 2020
I can’t go to a dentist right now. What should I do to keep my mouth healthy?

I Can’t Go to a Dentist Right Now. What Should I Do To Keep My Mouth Healthy? It is an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes we can’t do all...

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