Coronavirus Pandemic & Patient Safety

Coronavirus & Dental Office Safety in Colorado Springs

Coronavirus Pandemic & Patient Safety

With the news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) being transmitted in every state, we wanted to inform you of what we, your dental provider, do to keep you safe.

It has long been the practice in dentistry to treat every patient the same as we would if we knew they had a communicable disease and here at Mountain Springs Advanced Dental in Colorado Springs, CO we have always taken these precautions seriously. Rest assured that we will continue to hold our office to the highest standards of cleanliness and disease prevention.

We always start with proper handwashing hygiene. Washing your hands is the first line of defense for everyone (at home or in a healthcare setting!). Hands are washed with soap and water before and after treating every patient, before and after using gloves and after touching objects that could be contaminated.  Hand sanitizer is also used for everything in between.

Personal Protective Equipment or PPE is used the same for every patient whether employee, friend, or Joe and Jane Doe. We do not discriminate!

Our PPE consists of :

Protective Clothing- Scrub tops, jackets, and pants.

Protective handwear, eyewear, and mouth wear- Gloves, masks, and glasses- they keep us and you safe from germs and bodily fluid.

Sterilization and disinfectant of patient care items and devices- This may be one of the most important parts of our daily operations. All surfaces are disinfected by a spray followed up with a wipe after every patient. We use medical-grade cleaning supplies that are regulated by the EPA. Our instruments are heat sterilized after each use and some of our materials are one-time use disposables. Our waiting room is cleaned periodically during the day with disinfected wipes, and we provide hand sanitizer in several places throughout our office. It has also always been our policy that any employee (or even Dr. Patterson) will not see patients if they are sick.

We use these precautions every day that we are in the dental office. We understand that during this time of concern some patients are worried, but we want to assure each and every one of our patients that we are taking every precaution necessary to prevent the risk of spreading this, or any other disease. Given the recommendations from government and health centers to practice “social distancing” during this time we are taking a few additional precautions, such as avoiding any unnecessary skin contact (so, no shaking hands) and keeping a little further distance when talking with patients. Please know anytime you come into our Mountain Springs Advanced Dental office in Colorado Springs, CO, we take pride in making everything clean and comfortable.

Additionally, if you can say yes any of the following we ask that you call to reschedule your appointment to lessen the chance of spread:

  • Have you or a family member had a fever of 100 degrees or higher in the last 24 hours?
  • Has any member of your household traveled in the last 14 days to China, Italy, Korea, or Japan?
  • Has any member of your household come in contact with anyone known to be infected with COVID-19

We will continue to provide the highest quality care and do everything we can to protect our patients and the surrounding community from this, and every other communicable illness. Should modification to our schedule become necessary due to active illness or government mandate, we will take appropriate action at that time. Until then, we are here to serve your ongoing dental needs. Best wishes to all and keep safe and healthy!

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