White Teeth – What Bleaching Systems Are the Best?

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I want white teeth, what bleaching systems are the best?

When have all new patients fill out a Dental History form. On the form we ask, what is one thing you would like to change about your smile? We see a lot of whiter teeth comments. Patients try everything from whitening toothpastes, whitening strips, and even peroxide. There are also sell lights that are supposed to whiten your teeth. Here at Mountain Springs Advanced Dental, we offer an at home customized whitening tray system.

We start by taking alginate impressions of your teeth to get the perfect anatomy of your gums and tooth shape. The custom trays are fabricated in our in-office lab. Once the trays are in your possession the whitening is on you. We tell patient to commit to at-least 45 minutes of bleaching but no longer than 2 hours. When you start your whitening journey, we ask you to commit to two weeks of whitening everyday. This will allow your teeth to get to their truest, brightest white. With your custom tray you place a small pea size amount of the 20% Opalescence bleaching solution. Try to avoid getting any on your gums as it could cause a burning sensation. During the two-week process try your best to avoid coffee, black tea, blueberries, and red wine. The pores in your teeth are open while you whiten, and these foods can cause staining. During the initial process if you develop some sensitivity it is normal, just use some sensitive toothpaste, like Sensodyne, and the sensitivity should subside.

After your initial two-week whitening session, you should have significantly whiter teeth. Over time, however, your teeth may darken again. We recommend following up with a 45minute to 2hour session as you desire. Some patients will whiten once a week, other patients will go once a month. It is all personal preference.

If you are interested in getting a custom whitening system call our office today. We will be happy to go over any questions you have and get you set up for an appointment!

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