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How Does Periodontal Disease Affect Our Health?
Posted by | April 13, 2021
How does periodontal disease affect my entire body?

How does periodontal disease affect my entire body? There are many well-established links between our oral health and the health of our entire body (the oral-systemic link). Studies have shown...

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Dentures-Teeth Mold- Local Colorado Springs Dentist
Posted by | December 27, 2020
Immediate Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures

Comparing Immediate Dentures with Traditional Dentures Most patients who come to us for dentures are referred because Dr. Patterson is a prosthodontist. What is a Prosthodontist? A prosthodontist is a...

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Perio Diagnosis & Treatment
Posted by | January 9, 2019
Perio Diagnosis & Treatment

From A Hygienist's View Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease (or a gum disease) that affects the supporting structures of the teeth, including the gums and bone. Risk factors include...

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