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One of the most common things we see is patient’s who don’t come in because they don’t have dental insurance. Going to the dentist can be a costly experience, however it is just as important as going to a medical provider, as dentists are the medical provider for your mouth. We always recommended coming in and seeing your hygienist and Dentist for at least a bi-annual checkup, regardless of age, number of teeth, or condition. Here at Mountain Springs Advanced Dental we offer a loyalty plan for patients with no insurance and who cannot afford to pay for it all out of pocket. We offer two different affordable plans. The first plan is our Adult HealthyCare Membership; which is for patients with regular cleaning and the absence of periodontal disease. This membership is $32.00 a month and includes 2 healthy mouth cleanings, 2 doctor exams, and all x-rays needed. It also includes one emergency exam per year, if needed and 15% off all services preformed here in the office. This does include cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers, teeth whitening and more. We also offer our Adult PerioCare Membership; this is for patients enrolled in active periodontal maintenance due to prior treatment of periodontal gum disease. This plan is $60.00 per month and includes 3-4 cleanings per year, 2 doctor exams, and any x-rays needed. You also are able to enjoy the same services of one dental emergency exam a year, if needed, and 15% off all services in our dental office. Each plan does have a one-time $149.00 activation fee.

We also offer a Child HealthyCare Membership that is similar to our Adult HealthyCare Membership; the only difference is Fluoride is offered to children ages 17 and younger and is included.

These plans are very easy to enroll in and will you keep you up to date on all your oral health needs. If you are a new patient looking to become established, we do have a new patient special to go along with our in-office loyalty plan. Call to set up your hygiene appointments today!

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