Patient Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my appointment take?

An initial evaluation will typically take between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the complexity of the treatment you need. Radiographs and impressions for models are usually taken at this first appointment. Appointments for actual procedures will vary depending on the type and number of procedures to be done. You will be given an idea of how long an appointment will take when scheduling with the front desk.

Will I need to be numbed for my appointment?

Anesthesia will be administered before working on any vital tooth. In some cases, such as when a tooth has had a root canal performed or for cementation of some crowns and bridges, anesthesia may not be necessary. We will always strive to make sure you are comfortable during any procedure and will pause at any point if you need us to.

Do you offer sedation or nitrous?

Sedation is not necessary for the types of procedures we offer. We do not perform surgery, extractions or root canal therapy.

I have insurance. Will insurance cover cosmetic procedures?

Unless there is some other reason for treatment, purely cosmetic procedures are often not covered by insurance. Pre-authorization for any treatment is standard for most insurance companies.

I am allergic to latex. How do you handle that?

Mountain Springs Advanced Dental is a latex-free clinic.

How long will my treatment take from start to finish?

The total length of treatment will depend on several factors, such as the type of procedures needed, the number of teeth to be worked on, and whether the services of other specialists will be needed (such as for placement of implants). Consequently, treatment may take as little as one day (e.g., if we are doing a same-day crown), or it may take several months (e.g., if you need extensive work involving other specialists). You will be given an idea of how long treatment will take prior to beginning the treatment process.

How do I know that the work will match my other teeth?

Before cementing any crown or bridge, and before doing the final processing of any removable prosthetic device, you will be given a chance to see the work in your mouth and approve the color and shape of the teeth.