Dental Implants

When an implant is needed, our office will help coordinate a consultation with an oral surgeon for evaluation.  The oral surgeon will determine if a bone graft is needed. . .

If a bone graft is NOT needed, the implant can be placed immediately. If it is determined that a bone graft is needed, the surgeon will place the bone graft and cover the site with sutures to help with the initial healing process.  The bone graft takes three to four months to ensure proper integration.

After the bone graft is deemed a success by the oral surgeon, the implant can be placed.  The implant will integrate into the bone graft or the existing bone and will need three to five months to properly stabilize.

With the help of an oral surgeon to place the implant and after the healing process, Dr. Patterson completes the process with very precise records to include bite, function, shade and shape.  Dr. Patterson will then design a proper abutment to connect the crown to the implant.

Due to being the closest thing to mother nature, implants do have a lengthy healing process that is necessary for long term success and beautiful results.