Do You Need Crowns?

Do You Need Crowns?

Is a Dental Crown Necessary for You?

I need crowns. Does your Dentist do these?

Dr. Patterson is a board-certified Prosthodontist. A Prosthodontist is a Dentist in Colorado Springs who specialize in restoring severely damaged and missing teeth. They specialize in removable and fixed devices, cosmetic dentistry restorations, and mis-aligned occlusions. Dr. Patterson went through additional schooling and residency to become a board-certified Prosthodontist.

Dental crowns Colorado Springs are treatment planned for numerous reasons. Patients who have deep decay or very large fillings often need crowns. Crowns are placed for patients with crack tooth syndrome. Crowns can also be used for patients who want to straighten their teeth without Orthodontic intervention or when a patient’s occlusion is out of place. In cases of severe, generalized wear, crowns are used to restored a patient’s bite to the proper position.

When a patient has an old filling, particularly an amalgam filling, the filling can separate from the tooth and cause leakage or decay. These teeth can also developed cracks.  Often a traditional filling cannot repair the tooth with a good long-term prognosis. A crown is often the best option in this situation.

We also place crowns for patients who have been diagnosed with cracked tooth syndrome on a specific tooth. Crack tooth syndrome occurs when a tooth has deep cracks in it. The crack can start out very small but may eventually cause pain when chewing. We typical observe the tooth at first and when pain is consistent or increases, we place a crown. Untreated, cracked tooth syndrome can result in a root canal or even extraction of tooth. A crown is a more conservative approach with cracked tooth syndrome.

When a patient has a mis-aligned bite, Dr Patterson can sometimes repair this with crown intervention. Typically when he diagnoses patient with severe wear problems he will have a consult with the patient regarding the number of crowns in each arch that will need to be placed in order to restore proper form and function. This is a more involved procedure and requires a consult and extensive treatment planning.

Crowns can also be placed for cosmetic reasons when a patient wants a brighter smile, has erosion of enamel, and excessive wear and tear.

Dr Patterson preforms numerous types crown procedures and would be happy to discuss your treatment with you. Schedule a consultation today by calling our dental office colorado springs and asking for a consultation for crowns. Mention you read this blog and we’ll have a pleasant surprise for you!

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