Understanding Night Mouth Guards & How To Protect Your Teeth From Grinding While You Sleep

Sleeping with a Night Mouth Guard - Mouth Guard for Grinding


“I wake up with jaw pain and my teeth feel sore, what could this be?”

“My tooth cracked when I woke up this morning, but I don’t have a cavity, why?”

“Why do my teeth keep getting shorter?”

At Mountain Springs Advanced Dental in Colorado Springs, We get these questions often.

Understanding Jaw Pain Caused By Grinding

Jaw Pain upon waking can be a sign of grinding or bruxism.

Bruxism (Grinding) occurs when the jaw and teeth are clenched for a long period of time.  Most patients grind at night. Patients who have high levels of stress or anxiety are shown to grind their teeth more often. Patients with sleeping issues such as sleep apnea are also more likely to wake up with jaw pain and disturbed sleep due to Bruxism. Occasional grinding of the teeth does not pose a long-term effect. Moderate to severe bruxism, however, can lead to headaches, earaches, jaw joint issues, and tooth damage.

As a Prosthodontist in Colorado Springs, we see tooth damage due to bruxism quite often. Cracked teeth, loss of tooth structure, and damaged roots can result. We also see restored dentition that needs to be replaced due to bruxism.

Use A Night Mouth Guard To Protect Against Grinding

One of the most helpful ways to avoid these issues is to use a night mouth guard.

A night mouth guard is a made to fit hard mouthpiece that attaches to your upper arch. A lower arch mouth guard can be made, however, we have found that the tongue will push the night guard out and are not as effective.

Night mouth guards are highly recommended whenever we place dental crowns Colorado Springs, especially crowns or veneers on front teeth and full mouth restorations. You are investing in your teeth when placing these restorations and a night mouth guard is a great insurance policy to make sure they stay intact and healthy.

Contact A Professional

If you are waking up with pain, notice you are clenching and grinding at night, or have broken/cracked a tooth give us a call. We, at Mountain Springs Advanced Dental Clinic in Colorado Springs, will love hearing how our patients’ lives have changed once they’ve started using a night mouth guard.

Contact us today — we are happy to help educate and treat your jaw pain.

Get Fitted For A Night Mouth Guard Today!


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