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Guarding Your Smile: The Role of Mouth Guards in Sports

Teeth are very important.

They give you the confidence to smile and speak. They allow you to eat and gain the appropriate nutrients needed to live and be healthy. Teeth are very sensitive and can easily break when not taken care of. One of the biggest things we see in a dental clinic colorado springs is broken teeth.

Broken teeth can happen at any time for any reason.  Teeth can break if you trip and fall, eating some of your favorite foods, and while engaging in physical activity.

During the fall and wintertime, we at Mountain Springs Advanced Dental in Colorado Springs see an increase in broken teeth due to sports-related injuries.

Most of those broken teeth can be avoided if a mouth guard is worn. Mouth guards and Sports guards are customized mouthpieces that are worn over the teeth, usually on the upper arch. These guards are used to protect your teeth and to avoid any costly repairs and trips to the emergency dentist or even the emergency room.

Sports guards are usually worn for sports like football, basketball, hockey, and boxing as the high impact of these sports make tooth injury more likely. Sports like skateboarding, skiing, and even soccer have a high likelihood of tooth injury as well. We recommend wearing a mouth guard when participating in these sports.

Mouth and Sports guards can be purchased at your local store, however, for a true and comfortable fit, a made to fit guard is a better option. To get one of these made we would have you in for a 30-minute appointment to take impressions of your upper and lower teeth. We would then send the impression off to a lab where they would fabricate your mouthguard. With these guards, we are able to customize the guard for your sport, school, or style. Lettering is also available.

If you have any questions and you are interested in getting a sports guard made for you or your team give our office a call. We would be happy to help!

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