New PPE Protocol at Mountain Springs Advanced Dental in Colorado Springs Due to COVID 19

new PPE Protocol

New PPE Protocol at Mountain Springs Advanced Dental in Colorado Springs Due to COVID 19

As states start to open up to entertainment, shopping, and more we see a “new” normal forming. Dental offices have been given the green light to see patients that aren’t just a dental emergency.

We are seeing some hygiene patients, non-elective, and even some elective dental treatment.

We still have restrictions on who we can see but we are up and running in more of a capacity then we were a month ago, and we are not where we were 3 months ago.

In order for our office to be where we are today, a lot of behind the scenes work had to be completed. We were given a list of updated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be used. We were also given new social distancing guidelines we have to enforce.

What It Is Like To Visit Our Dental Office in Colorado Springs With New Protocols

When you come into our office you will see that the back part of the office is draped off.

This creates less chance of aerosols escaping all over the office.

Each operatory has a HEPA filter air purifier to also reduce the aerosols in the office. Each provider is now donning a mask, face shield, head bonnet, gown, gloves, and even some foot coverings. Our front office staff is wearing scrubs and cloth masks.

Our waiting room has been closed off and we are only allowed to have so many people in the office at once.

Also, we have increased our daily cleaning efforts to keep our patients and staff safe.

Implementing an “Extra Code Per Patient” & What That Means

With all these changes and procedures we have decided to charge an extra code per patient per day.

This extra code will allow us to not raise our fees but also help us continue to be here for our patients. For patients with insurance we are hoping that they will pay for this additional code. Some insurance companies have already begun to pay on the code and we hope that others will follow. For our self-pay patients we will continue to honor the discount you have signed up for. The fee for this code is minimal ($10) and can be compared to recycling your car’s oil after an oil change.

Thank you for entrusting us with your dental needs. We appreciate and value you as our patient.

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